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life-saving tweets and twitter in nursing and medical education

Warning:  this video contains close-ups of internal organs and body fluids.

I’ll apologize upfront for the length of this video.  Thankfully, there’s some good entertainment value for you time.  (Feel free to disagree after viewing.)  After seeing this episode of Grey’s Anatomy last year,  the light dawned for me about the potential for social media and education and indeed, life-saving problem solving.  Incidentally, this was the same night Sheldon’s (Big Bang Theory) audience members were tweeting “KMN” while he lectured.  That’s a topic to unpack another day!


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6 thoughts on “life-saving tweets and twitter in nursing and medical education

  1. Couldn’t figrue out why Grey’s was on your post but after watching it, I get it. “If you understood it, you’d be on board.”

  2. Were you impacted by the life-saving problem solving that occurred there over “twitter” in the course of a few minutes? It makes me misty each time I watch it… the power of the network for both education and problem solving, the synergy of caring and inquiry collaborating for the patient’s good. And yes, I know the surgeon will get a landmark publication out of it, but I didn’t perceive that as the motivator.

  3. I was fascinated by this episode! Is this a realistic depiction of what goes on in teaching hospitals? I tend to believe everything on Grey’s until I talk to my medical friends 😉

  4. My experience in teaching hospitals in limited geographically to this very province, and/but I would say emphatically NO this is not at all an accurate depiction of teaching hospitals. Gray’s is an idealized, fantastical version where all surgeons and residents are on the cutting edge. and although that turned into a pun, (they’re all surgeons) it wasn’t meant to be. the surgeons are truly innovative, involved in exciting research. I like the show because I think it does, fairly accurately, explore human suffering and human potential in real human stories.

  5. I liked this episode too and wondered the same thing – could this really happen?
    If this can happen in a hospital – real or not – why can’t it happen in schools?

  6. I don’t know why the tweet-ing about the procedure part couldn’t happen IF, and its a big IF, phones are allowed in the operating room. Right now there’s alot of discussion and contraversy over phones and EMD’s in regards to infection control. Being that the OR is to be the cleanest, indeed sterile, place in the whole hospital, these are important questions. You can’t really give your phone a 5 minute anti-microbial scrub. But, maybe there’s a transparent sterile disposable cover available somewhere. If not, I should get an intellectual property lawyer and a patent and change careers.

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