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Alec and eci831 is so cutting edge!

First thing I have to say is I was so excited when I found this 2 day social media residency offered at the Mayo Clinic this October 20 and 21.  Guess what, pre-requisites are:

  • permanent, personal email (e.g., gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo)
  • Twitter account
  • Facebook profile
  • WordPress.com (not necessarily a blog, just an account
Does this not sound like eci831???  Interestingly enough, following the medical training model, residents complete a survey to allow them to be matched with a chief according to area of practice and cohorts of 8 residents learn with the chief.  Sounds like communities of practice to me.  Mayo is known for it edgi-ness!  Alec is ahead of the curve!!  I’ve always wanted to be edgy, but at my age, thought it was a long shot.  Maybe… now… I can be edgy, too?!
In my nursing leadership online course, last week’s  discussion had a couple of us mulling social media solutions to the many vexing issues facing our profession.  Some great references popped up in a post from Tayne, which led me to this knock-your-socks-off blog post, 140 Health Care Uses for Twitter.

A short summary of what I’m attempting to learn this week… using delicious to make a “page” of links to relevant best practice guidelines for my second year students in “Health Assessment 220”.

My question regarding this exercise:  is this the right “tool” when the resources you want your students to get to are journal articles only accessible for free in databases accessible through group site licenses such as SIAST or U of S?

The next thing I’m tackling is understanding how to do the attribution thing properly before I start adding wondrous visuals to my posts.  I’m still trying to comprehend the 7 things I need to get about creative commons and use of images, video, etc.

If anyone can simplify this for me so that I can come back tonite and add a groovy motif to this post, I’d be mighty grateful……


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One thought on “Alec and eci831 is so cutting edge!

  1. Judy, as I mentioned in my own post this week, loved the 140 reasons – great find. Thanks for that. Keep me posted on the creative commons attribution question. I am giving credit via the mouse over option, but also am struggling with how to add the ‘proper’ attribution.

    Til we blog again…. Laureen

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