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the blogosphere – it’s a vortex and I’m swirling

I’ve discovered so many exciting, intriguing, helpful, entertaining and downright funny blogs tonite (and haven’t done any work on my other class! Not good.)  I had no idea there was so much social media out there already for nurses and nurse educators.  I’m convinced I could spend 24/7 reading fascinating bits and pieces from blogs and twitter feeds.  I’m being sucked in and down….must re-sist!  Have responsibilities beyond this class.

Low and behold, there’s a f2f conference in November called blogworld with panel discussions on these health-related topics and a whole lot more:

  • The use of digital applications and tools to change behaviors to improve health,
  • Can social media improve how healthcare is managed? What can be learned from other industries.
  • What companies can do to support patient needs
  • STOP being afraid of HIPAA regulations when you blog, tweet, or podcast
I’m now following #RNchat too, which led me to many other treasure troves.
 I feel like the kid who went into  the candy shop  for blue whales and came out with jaw breakers, gummy bears, malted milk balls and licorice, but NO blue whales.  I think it’s soon time to FOCUS.

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3 thoughts on “the blogosphere – it’s a vortex and I’m swirling

  1. I feel like you do to. I can’t believe that we are learning soooo much. Unfortunately I am having a little trouble keeping track of everything. I think its really cool that nurses are into this whole social media thing from a professional level. This is what happens when you’re stuck in your own classroom/office and you don’t come up for air. You realize that there is more going on in the world than you ever imagine. Keep posting I like’d like hear what you have to say and what you find interesting.

  2. I think the amount of information that’s available to us in a variety of formats can be overwhelming and extremely distracting. I’m taking a for-credit course at UBC and ECI831, and I’m enjoying both, but I’m really drawn to this particular course, although I’m not receiving credit. I have learned so much, and one link leads to another, then another, and before you know it I’ve spent an hour exploring and reading and sharing and asking questions, and I’ve neglected my other studies and work. Oh yes, work. I’m am employed. Now, I must get back to it.

  3. Neat that you found #RNChat – I’d love to hear what you think of it as you follow for a couple of weeks. Is it active? Is it useful? Does it help you connect to others? Or, is it just a superficial waste of time? I’d love to hear more about it.

    You should also check out the many free online conferences that you will find in these social media circles. One coming up is K12 Online Conference – and it’s always worth paying attention to. See: http://k12onlineconference.org/

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