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Sharing. It’s electric!

sharsies by kk+, on Flickr
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This weekend, I took an hour with Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, a beyond-amazing resource provided by EC&I831’s very own Laura B.   As a nursing instructor, this is a resource I’m pretty sure I would have gone to my grave not knowing about but for the “networked neurons” (Mao, n.d.)  of this course.  Although I currently facilitate nursing skills practice labs and clinical experiences, my teaching assignment will change over time and I’ll be so glad I know about the digital take on Bloom’s.  This is a great example of why people like Shelly Terrell promote PLN‘s.  Including people from outside your  field of expertise has wonderfully serendipitous benefits!  Oh sharism, doing what we were created to do, according to author Isaac Mao, who says  “sharism is encoded in the Human Genome.”  I accept and believe this on an intuitive level and just saying the word, Sharism, makes me feel happy!  Have any of you put that yellow sticky note on your desk with the prompt “What can I share today?” as suggested by Isaac Mao?  Have you become more generous and free in sharing ideas and resources?  Or are you taking this course because you’re already passionate about connectivity and sharing?

And another tangible benefit of sharism – now I understand a little better what Alec might be looking for in a vodcast in that final project because it’s there in the above-mentioned resource – criteria for evaluating any student’s digital storytelling efforts.  Check it out for yourself.  Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy by Andrew Churches.  Speaking of said final project, I’ve been really slow to formulate a plan.  I’m hoping for some fire-starting from the “networked neurons” (Mao,n.d.).  C0-sojourners in EC&I831, that’s you!  Here’s my first idea in its infancy…  any and all feedback is welcomed.  If I’m missing the point entirely, please be kind enough to tell me!  (You won’t be the first one who’s had to do that in my academic career.)

I’m thinking about creating  a video  of all the ways in which ICT is assisting learning in our nursing program at Kelsey campus.  Intended use:  to share in a faculty meeting, with intent of acknowledging and promoting  use of ICT and innovation with same  (and, secondarily to have as a historical artifact to revisit 10 years from now).  Theoretical background would include:  a) Bandura’s Theory of Self-Efficacy.  Self-efficacy (expectation of personal mastery and success)  for a particular skill is known to be increased not only by practice, but also by observing others being successful performing the action and and by receiving verbal encouragement from credible, trustworthy sources; and   b)  Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation Theory.

challenges: scheduling  to connect with all of the various teachers and classes/labs, inexperience with video-editing (a networking opportunity in the making)

questions: I’m unclear on expectations re: research.  Would this be supporting theoretical framework as suggested above OR also why this content to this audience or something else that I’m totally missing?

God bless ya for reading!


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6 thoughts on “Sharing. It’s electric!

  1. Great to see my image “Switches and Fuses” on your blog – properly credited, linked and even with the right CC license logo. Among the 1000+ “pirated” images, without even author attribution you are setting a fine example how to share properly – thank you.

    Martin Liebermann/zeitspuren

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Thank you for the great photo! You are welcome.

  3. First, I love that Martin Liebermann has entered the conversation to give you that notice about his photo. Isn’t that neat? It’s not often that we are reaffirmed that we are doing right by using someone image (in comparison to copyright take-down notices).

    As for Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, Bandura’s work on Social Learning and Roger’s Innovation theory, I think you are certainly look at the right places. Just in these alone, you will find a tremendous amount of relevance to your project.

    In terms of research, I use the term fairly loosely in this course. I believe strongly in research through practice, and you are already doing that by exploring these domains and following the links as you find them. You’ve begun to piece together somewhat unrelated theories while beginning to use some of the tools well in your dissemination (this blog has come a long way – look at what you’ve learned already!).

    If you want to get a bit deeper into what that might mean for your project, feel free to contact me soon. I’d be happy to talk to you about it when you need the help. I just wanted to reassure you that you are on the right track.

  4. Thanks so much Alec. I think I’m figuring it out and will post shortly on my progress and plan.

  5. Creating a video sounds like a great artifact. I’m wondering if you have considered the platform that you would like to share the video on as part of your planning? Do you plan to upload it to YouTube, share via Slideshare or use another tool such as your blog or a wiki? That might also help you determine what tool you want to use so you get a compatible file format for its ultimate “home”.

    I think the resource you are creating for your SIAST colleagues is one that other nurse educators (and possibly other disciplines) would greatly benefit from. I’d certainly be happy to share it with our healthcare educators at Bow Valley College!

  6. Wow, you are amazingly helpful and full of wisdom that I can use. I hadn’t even thought about the “platform”! Now I sure will. I want to put it on my blog I think. I will look at this.

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