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What interferes with your learning?
first… not every lesson requires technology.  Sometimes paper and bodies work quite nicely.   Today my 12 Health Assessment 220  students each received a paper abdominal organ and instructions to position themselves in the correct abdominal quadrant where this organ resides on a large one dimensional abdomen  taped off into 4 quadrants on the floor.  We had a little game of Tummy Twister to get the morning going.   Silliness was a moderately effective antidote for stress and distraction about next week’s 3 midterms and this afternoon’s medication math quiz, but we didn’t get as far with the tummy as I’d wanted.  The crowd asked for review questions to prep for the midterm and that’s where we went.  I couldn’t help but wonder if Einstein was talking about test-anxiety when he lamented that his education was hindering his learning.

Later, we’ll practice inspecting, auscultating, percussing and palpating each others genuine human articles-bellies, that is.  No virtual livers for us!  No youtube’d peristalsis thank you very much!

Take a seat and enjoy autumn, sun and th by lambertwm, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  lambertwm 
And that’s my choice.  I may be experiencing tech-toxicity from over-exposure.  I’ve been writing a paper on leadership in integration of ICT in nursing education, looking at the curriculum for the Nursing Informatics course that will be offered for the first time in Term 2 of our new program, preparing to attend a conference on the e-health record, and maybe I just want to go back to simpler times, when pastoral scenes of sacred cows could remain undisturbed for lack of electronic dissemination of evidence to change practice and upset them.  This learning curve may be too steep for me to climb.  I’m uncomfortable darnit!

“To grow, learners have to acknowledge discomfort and set tasks to help break the barriers of fear” (Joyce, 1984).

I’m not scared, Mr. Joyce, I’m just tired…. but I’ve set some tasks anyway, because it sounds like a reasonable thing to do to.  I’ve never created a digital story before and I only have some vague notions about what this might look like.  So I started a timeline list document to help me organize myself to accomplish this assignment.  It’s a start.

Can you recommend a free program or product for a first-time digital story teller to weave together interview video clips, still images with voice and music?  

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7 thoughts on “Tech-toxic!!!

  1. I’m currently trying out Camtasia and am having some success so far – I have used iMovie before and found it pretty user friendly…both on Macs

  2. I did some looking at Camtasia yesterday, went through the tutorials and will give it a try here shortly.

  3. WHat about Voicethread…you can insert videos, images, diagrams etc and then use voiceover to talk about what you are showing. People who view it can then add their two cents etc. I used this in my class last semester and I will be using it with my grade 8’s for their summative project on our culture unit.

  4. thanks, good to hear from someone who’s used it. I will definitely be checking it out.

  5. You may want to check out Animoto. It is really quite easy to use, it’s free, and it’s easy to weave together stills with video and music. You can get a free educator account here: http://animoto.com/education

  6. thanks, Alec, so many great suggestions to try.

  7. was hoping to embed whatever I use in my blog and apparently voicethread won’t do that, however, after spending 4 hours yesterday reading/watching tutorials on different options, I may go with voicethread for simplicity sake. there’s only so much an old girl can learn in one term!

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