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Hey ho let’s go!

First off, my apologies for not being more interactive with everyone’s blogs.  I have been reading, but to generate a thoughtful response takes longer than I’ve got.  What a busy week its been for undergrads and grad students alike.  And when I look at what I have to accomplish in the next 6 weeks, I wonder if it’s even possible.  I am resigned to sitting at this keyboard 20 hours per weekend and a couple hours each evening to make this happen.  My husband says often, “You’re not much fun these days.”, which suggests, at least,  that I have been fun in the past, and maybe I will be fun again in the future….I live in hope…
I spent the first 6 hours yesterday writing my paper entitled:  Blazing the Trail: Innovation in ICT Integration in Nursing Education.  This paper must examine an issue in nursing education and incorporate clips from an interview with a recognized leader in the field.  I interviewed Dr. Sandra Bassendowski at the U of S in Regina.  Everytime I read the transcript I see something new that applies to this course or 812.  I’m so glad I’m taking this course as an elective – the synergy between these 2 courses couldn’t have been engineered any better.  The takeaway – FOLLOW YOUR GUT – NOT YOUR FRIENDS!
Another 4 hours were lost in prezi-and other story lands  for my Learning Summary.   I managed to upload music, but it doesn’t start automatically as you click the “start prezi” button, so I’m not really happy with that.  The other drawback is the time it takes to get the perspectives right.  I’m not sure its worth the time it’ll take so  I’m looking at slidedeck and watched several tutorials on how to create great slides.  I learned how to do a screenshot! (I know some of you are choking on your spit right now that I didn’t know how to do this before, and you can just go ahead and feel superior) and I also explored  imovie  for my Final Project.   My husband says, “Just use imovie for your Final Project!”   I say “But I don’t know if I want  to upload  to youtube where it becomes totally public.  There might be some issues with student and faculty consent.”  Would I have to make that clear at the outset before taking the photos and video, including this specific intention in my consent form?  Jeez, I might need a lawyer to get this project done.  Any thoughts on this those of you who’ve done video with students involved?  
Tomorrow I’m video-recording interviews with 4 faculty members who are sailing technology in previously uncharted waters.  My script is in my google doc and I’d welcome your thoughts and feedback.  I’m reflecting that I don’t know diddly about taking good, never mind great, video so I guess I’ll be watching more youtube this afternoon ..
Is this, my blog content, what  Alec means when he says he want us to document our learning journey in creating the project and summary artefacts?  Click to respond to my poll:

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4 thoughts on “Hey ho let’s go!

  1. Love your sense of humour Judy! Just a quick response (not the thoughtful type) about one of your comments re. YouTube. You do have the ability to make the videos you upload private. Create a YouTube account and explore the options you have if you want to use that as a vehicle for your video project. I have uploaded a few and they are not all public.


  2. This is perfect – thanks once again! Where would I be without you Laura?

  3. Hi Judy,
    I’m really happy that you are seeing a compatibility between your classes. It sounds like things are incredibly hectic for you and I think this kind of thing really helps.

    Yes, keeping your reflections of your final project like this is perfect. But, because this may be done in several blog posts, it would be useful to keep track of the individual links (the ones where you reflect) and include them all in a final blog post so you have these all in one place. Do you get what I mean?

    Thanks for the great reflection!

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Are you saying that you want one final blog about the learning associated with the Final Project, a summary of the research and reflections as we planned and executed the project?

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