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While still contemplating the presentation from Dean Shareski in EC&I 831 last Tuesday, these photos arrived via e-mail.  How timely!  These show the latest state of the home my husband and I were honored to be a part of initiating two years ago in November, in the Kiugani district of Kenya. In Kenya, you don’t get a builders’ mortgage, or loan to build a home.  You build as you can pay cash.  So this home has been two years from foundation to finishing.  The home was just painted with these marvelous graphics and mottos, “COMMUNITY” and “TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE”.   They fit so perfectly with this week’s theme that I just had to share them!  I have many stories I could tell about the experience of sharing in the live of these orphans and hearing of their educational dreams and aspirations, and if we ever meet in person, if you ask, I’ll tell you.  Sharing our time and resources with this family meant hearing amazing stories we’d never have heard, and seeing beautiful and inspiring things we never could have seen, and eating things we never would have eaten!  As many have asked in your blogs this week, “Why do you share?”  To end poverty – mine and theirs.


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