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Final Project

My project is entitled :

Showcasing Innovation in Information and Communications

Technology (ICT) in Our  Nursing Program

The Project entails creating a digital audiovisual presentation highlighting innovations in technology integration that support contemporary learner-centered pedagogy in nursing education (Weimer, 2002).

Purpose of Project: to share within and without one nursing program’s community of practice, innovations undertaken to integrate ICT in our learning spaces with the expectation that faculty’s self-efficacy (expectations of mastery and success) beliefs will increase as a result of vicarious experience via successful peer modelling and persuasion from credible, trustworthy sources (Bandura, 1996).

Other theoretical underpinnings: Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation Theory and possibly Fullan as well.

Rationale for Project: faculty have been busy developing new curriculum and working hard within particular courses, such that they may not be aware of what technologies others are implementing in their courses.  Lessons learned in innovation may save early and late adopters valuable time and energy.  Champions and resource people will emerge to lead innovation.

Background:  There are two reasons why nursing educators must be intentional about integrating ICT into learning spaces.

1) These skills are essential for clinical practice.  E-health is where we are going.

  •  Electronic Health Record looms on the horizon with 6 of 11 building blocks are in place here in SK (Canada Health Infoway, n.d.)
  • Tele-health useage is increasing by 35% annually .  (Canada Health Infoway, n.d.).
  • Evidence-based practice (EBP) is mandated as a foundational competency by our provincial licensing body (SRNA, p. 8) and EBP relies upon accessing electronic databases where research articles and clinical practice guidelines are housed.
  • Patients are becoming increasingly educated related to access to the worldwide web, and patient support groups.

2)  The online landscape is part of the learning context or platform for students born after 1982, the Net Generation (Junco & Timm, 2008).

To be continued…

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4 thoughts on “Final Project

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Sounds like a great project Judy- will you be sharing your video with everyone as I would love see this! Will it include nursing faculty throughout the province?

  2. Sorry Judy that last comment was from me.


  3. I will feature my colleagues here at SIAST and U of R Kelsey campus, but I may post to youtube eventually and I will for sure embed in my blog for a wider audience.

  4. Well, what a great project. I will be interested to see how this turns out for you in your innovative work with nurses and others. My third daughter is an RN working at the Stollery here in Edmonton. I would like to share your work with her and see what her response is to this project.

    I will watch for future blogs.

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