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Experiential Learning re: VoiceThread

widgetciripvoice by ggrosseck, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  ggrosseck 

Google images don’t present clear and crisp so I had to replace those with others from flickr, which was actually very straightforward as VoiceThread gives you 4 options other than your own photos: flickr, the New York Public Library, your photos on Facebook and your photos on other of your VoiceThread projects. And yes, I understand it’s best not to use google images in any case because attribution information is not provided.

It was not easy to figure out how to delete a recorded comment, but I eventually found a site that explained this and it wasn’t the actual VoiceThread site.

I am considering inhaling a helium balloon or part of one prior to my next recording session to elevate the pitch of my voice.

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5 thoughts on “Experiential Learning re: VoiceThread

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Judy- I have used voice thread in the past and found that I was restricted to only 3 photos before I had to pay. While playing around with the site, I used all of my 3 free photos. I think this would be very effective to use in nursing education the issue is getting approval to use it. Currently we are restricted to the use of Blackboard 9.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    The last comment was from Shauna

  3. It is now a 50 photo limit before it asks you for money, thank goodness, cuz I’m going to have about 30 images. I have used bb in a very limited way, but will have a look at this as well.

  4. We used Voicethread in our class last semester. I think we were too wordy though…talked way too much! I really enjoyed using it though because it was far more interesting creating something using the tool as opposed to writing a paper!

    Since I dislike the sound of my voice…a helium balloon doesn’t sound like such a bad idea! LOL

  5. If you are getting grainy Google images, it may be because you are using the thumbnails vs. the original (full-size) files. That’s one of the poor sides of doing an online course – I’d love to sit over your shoulder and see what you are doing exactly so I could provide instant feedback or direction. But you’re right – it’s not as easy to give attribution to the Google Images files, so I would stick with Flickr if your can.

    Thanks for trying Voicethread and giving us your thoughts.

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