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sharing a taste of my final project…Innovation Showcase

My final project, entitled ” Innovation Showcase”, is now complete and in the process of uploading to a dropbox file for Alec – all 230 megabytes of video and slides.  This is a presentation that I will give in person in our February faculty meeting.  I’m very pleased with the final product and although not perfect, it is beyond anything I’ve done before.  I learned how to edit video via iMovie and upload into my slideshow.   I played with Skitch on 2 of the slides, and added my ToonDo creation and have those new tools in my storytelling belt.  I watched several slideshows on how to create a killer presentation, using CRAP; contrast, repetition (this needs some improvement in this work), alignment and proximity.  I managed to keep my text on all but three slides very minimal, as recommended by experts.  I would really like to make this into a movie, recording someone’s voice to accompany the slides, someday…  I feel a smile coming on each time I listen to my colleagues tell their stories of innovation and their own personal learning.  It will be wonderful to share these stories in February.  I expect that faculty will be inspired and provoked to trial these strategies as well.  Although the entire file is too large to embed, with 18 minutes of video and 39 slides,I will give you a sampling of slides and skitched screenshots.

Below is only one of the six responses to each of challenges of innovation and ideas for future pursuits.

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2 thoughts on “sharing a taste of my final project…Innovation Showcase

  1. This looks wonderful Judy- I would love to see the final product. Will you be making it available outside of the faculty meeting?

  2. I will invite you to the dropbox file if you’d like, but no pressure.

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