explorations of a wanna-be difference-maker in nursing education and life in general


Who am I?  An almost 50 year old wife, mom, RN and now educator with a zeal for social justice.  In my current employ, I teach first and second year nursing students in labs and clinical settings the art and science of nursing.  I’m from a family of educators and ironically believed for most of my life that I wasn’t “one of them”.  Then, three years ago, at a re-focusing retreat in my church, I had to reckon with the stirring in my heart to teach.   It’s been the best move ever for me.  I feel alive in the greatest sense when with students, sharing my love for my profession, which is really all about intelligent caring.

I am on the life long learning journey along with all of you.  Currently, I’m in 2 online courses working toward a Master of Nursing.  I’m looking forward to learning with and from you and your amazing experiences.

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