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MOOC success step five: focus on a project to apply at work

Is anyone else  overwhelmed with all that you’re learning and have yet to learn to finish this course?  How are you doing with your projects?

I returned to Dave Cormier’s Success in a MOOC this morning for some re-orienting.  Now, I’m reflecting on how well I’ve done the 5 tasks:

  1. orient (I think I’ve done this fairly well)
  2. declare (not tagging consistently!)
  3. network (I’m getting networked in the course and now will add more nurse educators in undergraduate programs for resource sharing)
  4. cluster (I count Laura, Shauna, and Reenie in my cluster, and I see that Tannis and I share a passion for social justice, but I am learning from every single person in the course) and finally
  5. FOCUS on the project that I will apply to my job.

As I attempt to write a text and visual script for this presentation, I’m reflecting on the purpose I’d stated last week.

Purpose of Project: to share within and without one nursing program’s community of practice, via a digital presentation, innovations undertaken to integrate ICT in our learning spaces with the expectation that faculty’s self-efficacy (expectations of mastery and success) beliefs will increase as a result of vicarious experience via successful peer modelling and persuasion from credible, trustworthy sources (Bandura, 1996).

I’m wondering if it is ambitious or comprehensive enough.  I’m wondering if I should be attempting to share a snippit of Sieman’s theory of connectivism as a new framework for learning that takes into account technology, the decreasing half-life of knowledge and the organizational implications for “deploying instruction”.  Hmm, maybe it’s impossible to take a snippit from his theory!   Maybe I need to reference a technology acceptance model too?

I’m wondering if I should share any of my new learning from this course in this presentation, or if that’s to be explored in a blog that I’d share with my colleagues after EC&I 831 is over in which I might embed my Learning Summary which might prompt some to take up twitter or blogging.  Hmmm, yes.  I think the latter.  What do you think?  This will be presented in a faculty meeting and later posted to youtube on a private channel.

I’m thinking that I’d like to share a clip from Deans SHARE-ski’s Sharing, the Moral Imperative as an intro in my Project.  I’d like to stir some passion and create a vision for sharing within and without our organization.

I already have 90 minutes of videotaped interviews and I’m doing at least 2 more, so I have some significant editing to do.  I want the finished product to be 10 – 15 minutes or shorter, but deliver lots of punch.  I’ve never done anything like this before.  Any words of wisdom for me born of experience?

I realize that this project is quite different that what many of you are doing in that your projects focus directly on students, but if you have any ideas to help me move forward, I’d sure welcome them.  And I’d love to hear how your project is going…. and now I need to get going on mine!

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