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the blogosphere – it’s a vortex and I’m swirling

I’ve discovered so many exciting, intriguing, helpful, entertaining and downright funny blogs tonite (and haven’t done any work on my other class! Not good.)  I had no idea there was so much social media out there already for nurses and nurse educators.  I’m convinced I could spend 24/7 reading fascinating bits and pieces from blogs and twitter feeds.  I’m being sucked in and down….must re-sist!  Have responsibilities beyond this class.

Low and behold, there’s a f2f conference in November called blogworld with panel discussions on these health-related topics and a whole lot more:

  • The use of digital applications and tools to change behaviors to improve health,
  • Can social media improve how healthcare is managed? What can be learned from other industries.
  • What companies can do to support patient needs
  • STOP being afraid of HIPAA regulations when you blog, tweet, or podcast
I’m now following #RNchat too, which led me to many other treasure troves.
 I feel like the kid who went into  the candy shop  for blue whales and came out with jaw breakers, gummy bears, malted milk balls and licorice, but NO blue whales.  I think it’s soon time to FOCUS.

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